Praying for Planting: Part 2

By Send Network

I was a shy kid with a debilitating stutter and no friends. One night, my dad had heard me praying from the top bunk bed, “Dear God, please, I just want one person to be my friend and think I’m cool.”

So when I was seven-years-old, my dad started taking me to school in his police car.

After a few rides bathed in flashing red and blue lights, kids started fighting for seats at my lunch table. I finally had some friends—superficial as those relationships were—and one friendship that has lasted a lifetime. Also, my stutter disappeared by the end of the year. Did God answer my prayer? I believe He did. Is there such thing as a silly or unimportant or unheard prayer? Absolutely not.

You see, when God’s people pray, amazing things can happen. Here, we’ve collected a few stories church planters across North America have shared with us about the power of answered prayers.

Building faith

by Jonathan Woodyard of Northfield Community Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
We needed a building of our own. I prayed and fasted with friends for doors to open. A few weeks later, I was driving by a bank in the city. I decided to stop in. I got in line and was led into a conversation with the bank manager. The manager was a believer, and as it turns out, he knew the landlord of a building we had interest in using. We were given an entire floor to worship in for $100 a month. Hallelujah!

Marriage celebration

by Kale Booher of Lifepoint Church, Delaware, Ohio
Mark and Rachel both attended Ohio Wesleyan, a misleading name for a very secular school. They were living together when they started attending our church. They joined our small group and serve teams and started getting involved in other areas of the church as well. One evening, I invited them over to talk about their relationship. I had been praying for them a lot, and I also prayed about the conversation—I anticipated that it was going to be a difficult one. Instead, they shared with me that through getting involved at the church, praying and reading the Word, they felt convicted about their relationship. They decided to stop living together and moved their wedding date up. I was able to perform part of their ceremony and share a little bit of their story. A week later, Rachel got baptized at Lifepoint. Praise the Lord!

First responder

by Ashley Austin of Canvas Church, Victoria, British Columbia
My church and I were praying for guidance on where we should plant our next church. God answered by providing the perfect place. When I first arrived there, I went to a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. While I was waiting for my food I prayed and asked God to lead me to a police officer who could give me insight into the city. When I opened my eyes, a police officer was standing in front of me asking, “Can I help you?”

From relationship struggles to money problems, housing troubles or asking for guidance, God cares. He hears every prayer. And while not all His answers are ones we wished for, there is immeasurable power in His answers to our prayers. It’s up to us to trust Him and obey.


Published November 14, 2017

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