The 5 most read church planting articles in 2020

The do’s and don’ts of starting a church

By Dhati Lewis, Vice President of Send Network

In the world of church planting, you’ll find a lot of research with different strategies and practices for starting a church like models for your service type, worship type, gathering rhythms, and the list goes on.

I’ve been a church planter and have worked with church planters for the last fifteen years, and I’ve experienced and seen firsthand the ways these strategies play out. Here are four dos and don’ts when starting a church that makes a huge difference in how a church plant thrives—regardless of which strategy or model you choose.


3 Things church planters must do to multiply

In 2004, Martín Vargas was challenged to see his home, Broward County in Hollywood, Florida, with new eyes. For the first time, he saw it was full of Spanish-speaking people without a solid Spanish-speaking church working to reach them.

So, he gave up his business to fully commit to starting a church—Iglesia Real—that he prayed would eventually reach the county’s nearly 2 million residents through multiplication.

Vargas and Iglesia Real clearly demonstrate three things all church planters must do to start a church that multiplies.


The essential resource for church planting

By Clint Clifton, Senior Director of Send Network Resources

From the earliest days of his church, Clint Clifton and his team decided to measure the success of their church by their sending capacity, not their seating capacity. Since their church’s first worship service in 2005, they have had a hand in planting more than a dozen new churches.

Read more about the essential resource they discovered for planting and multiplying churches.


The church planter’s manual for engaging your neighbor

By Matt Hess, lead pastor and planter of Fellowship Pickering

After years of numerous—rejected—attempts to invite his neighbors to church, Matt watched the neighbors he and his family had loved over the years move away.

“What gives?” I wondered. I felt like I followed the church planter’s manual on “how to engage your neighborhood”.

They did everything they’d been taught to be good neighbors, but no matter how much they went out of our way to faithfully represent Christ, their actions never resulted in their friends attending their church plant.

But why? What did they do wrong?


4 Things our small church did to multiply

By Dan Hyun, lead pastor of The Village Church

Last fall, we had the privilege of sending out a new church plant into our city. When we think about sending out new churches, many think only large churches with substantial resources can do such work. However, though our church would be considered relatively small, we have and are experiencing the joy of helping start a new church.

Here are four intentional things we did.


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Published December 10, 2020

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