Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for Church Planters

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Each year, thousands of churches give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO) to support church planting in North America. It is the financial engine for Send Network.

Find out how you and your church can join the mission to fuel church planting across North America!

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What does it mean to be fueled by Annie?

Planting churches everywhere for everyone doesn’t just happen—it takes resources. And when churches give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, they’re helping provide Send Network church planters with everything they need to make Jesus known. Right now, God is calling more planters to start more churches in communities all over North America, and so this is our time to lock arms as a family of churches, give as we’ve received and join God in His mission to seek and save the lost—a mission that’s fueled when we give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

Promotional Resources

Featured Missionary Stories to watch and download.

Lead your church toward giving to AAEO

The work of church planting through Send Network could not happen without the generous giving of Southern Baptists. In order to continue planting healthy, multiplying churches across North America, we need every church, as they are able, to participate in giving.

We often get tactical questions about how to cast the vision for AAEO to members in your church who may have never heard of it. These questions and answers will prepare you to communicate AAEO with great effectiveness and customize your own promotion.

AAEO is a $70+ million offering that comprises 50% of NAMB’s budget. Every dollar given goes to the mission field to support missionaries in church planting and compassion ministry. It is the primary financial fuel that funds Send Network.

The offering was started in 1895 by Woman's Missionary Union® (WMU) to benefit the missional work of the Home Mission Board (now North American Mission Board). In 1934, it was named in honor of Annie Armstrong, a bold, missions advocate and WMU's first national executive leader.

Today, more than $2 billion has been given by Southern Baptist individuals and churches. Because of this sacrificial giving, millions of lives have been and continue to be transformed by the power of the gospel.

Who was Annie Armstrong? Watch her story: “Unstoppable”.

The offering raises approximately $70+ million annually and is the primary source of funding for Send Network. It provides the financial fuel to assess new planter candidates, financially resource endorsed planters, provide training, coaching and care to church planters and their spouses.

Because of AAEO, more than 3,000 missionaries are supported to take the life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ across the United States, Canada and their territories.


Every year a new offering season is launched by NAMB and WMU beginning in January. Free promotional resources include missionary videos and print materials. All resources are available to view and download at


Many churches promote the offering as an Easter campaign by setting a goal, distributing the print materials and showing the featured missionary videos during worship. They refer to the offering by its official name, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

Other churches choose to promote giving at special times during the year or they promote giving all year as part of their mission offerings. They may choose another name such as the church planting offering, the Send Network offering or the North American Missions offering.

The choice of when and how to promote the offering is up to each individual church. NAMB is here to help with resources, ideas and assistance at [email protected] or 770-410-6000.

Giving to the AAEO supports church planting and missionaries in compassion ministry across the U.S. and Canada. The cooperative giving of millions of Southern Baptists keeps current missionaries on the field and enables more to be sent. Your dollars are at work everyday reaching cities, small towns, college campuses, military installations, immigrants, refugees and unreached people groups in North America where 281 million people are projected to be lost.

Seasonal Resources:

Print materials are mailed to SBC churches by each state convention and NAMB in Jan/Feb each year.

Digital resources, including featured missionary videos, are available at to view and download.

Year-round Resources:

Videos and other resources to educate and inspire your church to give at any time of year are also available on NAMB’s website.

There are four ways to give:

  1. Collect your church’s gifts and send to your state convention designated for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.
  2. Give online by credit card.
  3. Text ‘ANNIE’ to 888123.
  4. Mail a check to North American Mission Board, P.O. Box 116543, Atlanta, GA 30368 (note in the memo line: Annie Armstrong Easter Offering).

Gifts are accepted all year.

NAMB is funded through the generous gifts of individuals and churches to the Cooperative Program (CP) and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering (AAEO). CP is 35% of NAMB’s budget and supports a wide variety of ministry needs. AAEO is 50% of NAMB’s budget and is specifically designated to support missionaries and evangelism.

Watch How Your Gifts Fund NAMB from President Kevin Ezell.

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Annie Armstrong Easter Offering Promotional Guide

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