2024 Send Network Gatherings

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    New Gathering Rhythm and Direction

    Can you imagine revival?
    Can you picture a multitude of new disciples?
    Can you visualize the Church alive in every corner of the earth?
    We ALL want to see a movement of God in our generation.

    But in order to expand the Kingdom of God on the Earth, we need to get a bigger picture of what God is up to.
    We need to be healthy and primed for growth. We need to see the glorious task laid before us.
    And we need to multiply and continue multiplying.

    Some of us have planted many churches.
    Some of us are just beginning the journey.
    Many more of us are in the middle.

    There’s a step for each of us to take, to propel us forward.
    The mission is immense and remarkable, and it requires multiplication.
    Multiplication for movement.

    Gathering Dates & Locations

    August 26-27, 2024 | Long Beach, CA | Long Beach Convention Center

    September 16-17, 2024 | Boston, MA | Encore Boston Harbor

    Which Gathering should my region attend?

    We ask that the regions encourage attendance as follows below. This is based on available hotel rooms for staff and planting couples. We of course will allow planters to attend as their schedule allows but as far as regional staff promotion, this is what we are asking you to follow.

    Coastal West | Long Beach

    Mountain West | Long Beach

    Plains Midwest

    Lakes Midwest | Boston

    Northeast | Boston


    Canada West & East | Choose the time zone that best suits your city.

    Who can attend Send Network Gatherings?

    We have a designated amount of space for our Planting Couples at each Gathering. We will also be opening space to a broader audience. This will include:

    • Planting Team Members
    • Sending & Supporting Pastors and staff
    • Pastors & staff looking to get involved in Send Network/SBC
    • Lay leaders interested in Multiplication
    • Church Groups

    What will it cost for planters and others to attend?

    Deposit protocol will stay the same for our Planting Couples. That means they will pay a deposit per person at registration. As long as they show up, they will get that back!

    For all other attendees, they too will be charged to register. This will NOT be reimbursed to them for attendance.

    To promote early registration, the fee will be raised as we get closer to the Gathering. Below is a GENERAL fee schedule. (Ample communication will be sent before the fee is raised.)

    2024 Gatherings

    $50 per person until January 31st

    $75 per person until September 31st

    $100 per person until registration closes

    What will Send Network cover? 

    Nothing is changing for our Planting Couples. We will continue to cover the cost of 2 nights in the event hotel, 3 meals during the Gathering and parking costs. All they have to do it get there! We will encourage Send Network Cities and States to continue to use Care dollars to supplement their travel cost.

    For all other attendees, they will be responsible for securing their own lodging and most meals during the event. We will be providing a lunch for all attendees on day 2.

    STAFF Registration and Travel

    Field staff will need to register at SendNetworkGathering.com. With this registration, we will BOOK your hotel room in the event hotel along with our planting couples. You will be required to cover the cost of your lodging with your OWN travel cost center.

    As usual, STAFF will be asked to arrive on the Sunday before your selected Gathering. An ALL STAFF meeting will be scheduled for 9AM on Monday.

    STAFF and PLANTER schedule ONLY

    Please know that this is NOT a schedule for the general public. You WILL see a condensed verse online. We will be hosting meals and fellowship times for Planting Couples and Staff ONLY.

    Event Schedule

    Day 1

    • 2:00-2:30PM      Pre-Gathering Check in   

    • 2:30-4:30PM      Pre-Gathering | PREACH with Tony Merida   

    • 4:00-6:00PM      Event Check in   

    • 5:00-6:00PM      Planting Couples Fellowship (Meal)   

    • 6:30-8:00PM      Session 1  

    • 8:00-9:00PM      Session 2   

    • 9:00-9:30PM      Snacks, Book Store & SWAG Store  

    Day 2

    • 7:00-8:30AM      Planting Couples Breakfast   

    • 9:00-10:30AM   Session 3  

    • 11:00-12:00PM Breakout Track 1   

    • 12:00-1:00PM    Boxed Lunch for ALL   

    • 1:00-2:00PM      Breakout Track 2   

    • 2:00-3:00PM      Snacks, Book Store & SWAG Store   

    • 3:00-4:30PM      Session 4 

    Helping Planters

    We are redirecting those who registered for the Gathering in San Antonio, TX, March 31-April 1, 2025, to attend one of our fall Gatherings instead.

    Join us in:

    • Long Beach, CA | August 26-27, 2024
    • Boston, MA | September 16-17, 2024

    Register Here

    Which Gathering should I attend? You are welcome to attend either Gathering in Long Beach or Boston this fall. If you would like to coordinate attending with your Send City or Send State, please connect with your Send City Missionary or State Director.

    Can’t make it to Long Beach or Boston? We’ll miss seeing you during this year’s Gathering events and can’t wait to connect with you soon. If you are already registered and wish to cancel and receive a full refund, email [email protected] and we’ll handle the refund process for you. Please note that once your refund is processed, it may take 8-10 days to appear on the card used at registration.