Sending Churches

Take Responsibility

Send a church plant and help ensure they get the preparation, coaching and care they need.

WATCH: From Surviving to Sending

No matter the size of your congregation, your church can send out planters. Get inspired by a story of God’s provision for a church that was willing to send.

Send a Planter

Learn how to send, from experienced churches and practitioners, by attending a Sending Lab — a one-day collaborative workshop that will help you develop a vision and plan for leading your church to become a Sending Church.

We'll cover a range of topics, including developing a vision for sending, identifying a potential planter and developing a planter.

Attend a Sending lab

Zach Chike, Hannah Cowman, Star Thomas, Katie Taylor, Torey Harris, Mark Goins, Terence Tate (in middle), Kempton Turner / Samuel Greenhill / Copyright NAMB 2017 / East St. Louis, IL

Become a Sending Church

Sending Churches play a critical role in church planting. Send Network is here to help your church plant a church and to provide resources and assistance as you do so.

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What is a Sending Church?

Download this sharable PDF to learn more about ways to partner with Send Network.


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Sending 101

Explore becoming a Sending Church with this simple, online course that will introduce foundational concepts for sending and provide access to resources to help you get started.

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