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Resources to help support your planters and their planting teams.

Healthy Sending Churches plant healthy churches.

Sending Churches play a critical role in church planting. The Send Network is here to help your church plant a church and to provide resources and assistance as you do so.

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Sending Church Resource Kit

This Sending Church Resource Kit is designed to help churches send planters well. From helping your congregation embrace God’s heart for the nations to finding and developing your first church planter, there are resources here to get your started.

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What is a Sending Church?

Sending Churches take responsibility for planting a multiplying church by coaching, commissioning and caring for a particular planter.

Discovering & developing planters

Your church provides fertile soil to discover future leaders and provide the best training ground for their development. For this to happen, current leaders must recognize and exhort young leaders to the vital work of church leadership.

Commission & care for planting teams

After discovering and developing your planter you commission them to do the work. Sending Churches send out their planters and their teams and care for them as they fulfill their mission in their context.

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