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    We squeeze every minute out of our week, but we forget to enjoy every minute of our off time. Maybe it seems counterintuitive, but the cost of an enjoyable pursuit outside of our work is far less than the cost of neglecting such a pursuit. Continue reading... 


    Send Network Blog 

    When it comes to physical health, we tend to have two groups that I’ll call “obsessers” and “avoiders.” God has given us each a measure of physical health as a gift. Like other gifts that God gives to us, we should be good stewards. Your body will not be perfected this side of Heaven, but it shouldn’t be neglected either. Enjoy the gift that God has given to you. Continue reading... 


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    Who is Liz?
    If someone asked, "who are you?" what would your answer be? For many years, track star Liz Olear had a ready response to that question. But when she found out what it meant to live her life on mission, she discovered for the first time who she was truly created to be. >> 
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