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    Counseling Tools: Recovery

    I’ve done recovery ministry for six years, and it didn’t take long for me to stop being surprised when people told me about the issues they are dealing with. Addiction, sexual brokenness, substance abuse, uncontrollable anxiety, eating disorders—these and many more are no respecter of persons, cultures, economic classes, or family backgrounds. Continue reading... 


    Counseling Tools: Anger

    “What’s wrong with that idiot?” cried my three-year-old daughter from the comfort of her booster seat in the backseat of our family car. She was referring to the guy who just cut us off in traffic. I was going to say something about the driver but she beat me to it. Continue reading... 

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    Send North America Conference 2015
    The gathering is history. Now, 13,500 believers are unleashed to make history. >> 
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