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  • This Week's Featured Requests

  • Stephen Smith
    206 Winslow Dr.
    Martinsburg, WV 25404

    Stephen serves as an Army and VA Hospital chaplain. Please pray for my studies at Shepherd University. Lord willing, I am working on a degree in Elementary Education. Pray for the ministries at the VA Hospital, for spiritual strength, wisdom and grace to share the love of Christ to the veterans and their families and for my chaplain duties and responsibilities as I minister to the troops (Army Reserve). Pray also for my Bible study fellowship group and an unspoken request of mine.

    Linda Vogel
    Texas 77339

    Linda serves as a palliative care chaplain in a culturally and spiritually-diverse Texas hospital. Previously Linda had the following prayer request: Providing hope, comfort and spiritual healing for end-of-life patients and their families is my primary passion. There are many more needs than hours available to provide ministry. Please pray the Lord will move in the hearts of leadership to discover innovative ways to open more doors so I may increase the impact of His presence, hope and healing. (The Lord can turn the heart of a king whichever way He wills.) Thank you for praying!

    She now posts the following praise: To God be the glory! The Lord has moved the heart of a king! Doors are opening and INNOVATIVE changes are coming. Thank you for praying!

    Cheryl and John Mark Hansen
    3111 Cass St.
    Omaha, NE 68131

    John Mark is a church planting catalyst for the Eastern Nebraska Baptist Association. Cheryl and I had two missions teams come and do prayerwalking and canned food drives in the area around our house in Midtown Omaha. We have the following prospects: The family of Frank Sanders, who was interested in starting a Bible study with friends and family. Unfortunately, he was shot and killed a day after our last visit. It was drug related. The good news is that some of his adult children (4) are interested in hearing about their dad's spiritual views since that is what we talked about during the last few days of his life. He had 13 children by several different women at last count. I visited with four of the adult children in the worst part of Omaha. I encouraged them to seek Christ, sharing Romans 6:23 that all can approach the cross no matter how bad we have been. They thought their sins were too bad to allow them to become Christians.  Pray for Mike, John, Tony, Jackie and Andrea. Pray for Cheryl and me as we minister to those living in the worst parts of Omaha.

    Jeff Smith
    11014 Sam Black Rd.
    Midland, NC 28107
    Jeff is a missionary serving in North Carolina. Please pray for us as we engage the cowboy culture with the gospel of Jesus. Pray that our special events will produce opportunities to plant cowboy churches.

    Matt and Alis Henderson
    P.O. Box 1647
    Kingston, RI 02881
    Matt and Alis are MSC funded missionaries serving as collegiate ministers to the University of Rhode Island. Housing has been the biggest challenge we have faced since moving to New England. Pray that the Lord will provide the funding needed to purchase a home. Pray that God will provide an affordable home near the campus that has enough space to be used for our college ministry.

    John (B.J.) Hall
    2205 W. Taft St.
    Sapulpa, OK 74066
    B.J. is a disaster relief chaplain serving in Oklahoma. My mother, retired pastor's wife Marylee Hall, is 90 and suffers from severe congestive heart failure and mitral valve prolapse. She needs 24-hour care. This precious saint has been a faithful servant of the Lord most of her life. Every person who comes into her sphere of influence will be asked, as she says, "the question." She has been my inspiration all my life. Please pray for her comfort and strength. Above all pray that her final days will be as productive for the kingdom as her former have been. Pray that the doctors and nurses will be receptive of her witness and love. Also pray for her two boys, who are now trying to care for her. Pray that we, too, will be as faithful in our later years as she is.

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