Church Planter Assessment

As you explore your desire to plant a church, we are here to help you develop a plan to prepare you for your calling and context.

What Are Assessments?

Once you register through the Send Me portal, you will be asked to complete an online application. After your application is received and reviewed, you will receive a link to several in-depth, online assessment surveys measuring your readiness in three categories: church planting capacity, personal character and marriage (if applicable). Once reviewed, you will receive either an invitation to attend an assessment retreat or to participate in the Multiplication Pipeline, which is a one- to three-year development process built around specific church planting competencies. At an assessment retreat, a team of assessors will guide you through an exploration of your strengths and growth opportunities as a potential church planter. At the end of the retreat, the assessment team will develop a growth plan for you that is designed for you and your sending church to work through together.


After you submit your application, your next step in the planter process is pre-assessment.
Several online questionnaires will help you, your Sending Church and NAMB gauge your readiness to become a church planter.

This assessment covers three primary areas:

  • Church Planting Capacity
  • Personal Character
  • Marriage Health (if married)

Depending on the results of your pre-assessment process, you may be invited to attend the Send Network Assessment Retreat.

Assessment Retreat

This two-day retreat can be one of the greatest gifts a church planting candidate will ever receive. You will learn more about your strengths and growth opportunities in these two days than you probably have before, or ever will again. In an environment of encouragement and support, experienced leaders from the context where you desire to plant will measure your church planting readiness in nine essential areas: calling, emotional and spiritual health, family dynamics, vision, leadership, communication, missional engagement, disciple-making and social skills.

The Assessment Team will connect at the end of the two-day retreat to make a recommendation and develop a growth plan for you.

There are three possible recommendations:


You are prepared for the next phase of the church planter pathway, which is to enter into the Send Network Training.

Development Needed

There are several areas indicating you are not yet ready to move forward in the planting process at this time. A recommendation toward a church planting internship is likely. A development plan will be drawn up and given to you as well as a timeline for when you will be eligible for reassessment.


In some cases, the greatest gift that can be given to you is the honest appraisal that church planting with Send Network is not your path in ministry. This transparency will save you from some painful and discouraging days.

Assessment Retreats

Please note: We will not be able to accept any registrations after the posted deadlines. Be sure to allow at least 5-6 weeks to complete all pre-assessment tools to meet the registration deadline of your desired retreat.

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