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Church Planter Assessments

Assessment Process



After submitting your application through Send Me, your next step in the planter process is pre-assessment. A set of online instruments asks a series of questions that will help you gauge your readiness to become a church planter. The three areas of focus are church planting capacity, personal character and, if married, the health of your marriage.

This discovery pathway is valuable in helping reveal the authentic you. Depending on the results of your pre-assessment process, you may be invited to attend the Send Network Assessment Retreat.

Assessment Retreat

Assessment Retreat

This two-day retreat can be one of the greatest gifts a church planting candidate will ever receive. You will learn more about your strengths and growth opportunities in these two days than you probably have before, or ever will again. In an environment of encouragement and support, experienced leaders from the context where you desire to plant will measure your church planting readiness in nine essential areas: calling, emotional and spiritual health, family dynamics, vision, leadership, communication, missional engagement, disciple-making and social skills.

Assessors, along with a representative from your Sending Church, will gather together at the end of the two-day retreat to make a recommendation and develop a growth plan for each candidate. There are four possible recommendations:


This candidate is thoroughly prepared for the task of planting in this environment.

Ready With Conditions

This candidate is ready, but there is an issue of concern. Proceed ahead in the planting process while working with a coach on strengthening that area of concern.

Further Development Needed

There are several areas indicating a planter is not yet ready to plant in this context. A recommendation toward a church planting internship is likely. A development plan will be drawn up and given to the candidate.


In some cases, the greatest gift that can be given to a prospective church-planting candidate is the honest appraisal that church planting is not likely his path in ministry. This transparency will save a would-be planter from some painful and discouraging days.



Upon receiving a "Ready" or "Ready with Conditions," candidates planting in one of the 32 Send Cities will be invited, at NAMB’s expense, to attend a three-day orientation at our offices in Alpharetta, Georgia.

This will be an encouraging and culture-building time of networking, inspiration and pure fun. In these three days, you will experience the rationale behind, and expressions of, our Send Network values of brotherhood, multiplication and kingdom. 

The orientation gathering culminates in an unforgettable experience of collaborative commitment to your city. It is our prayer that these days might shape the early steps and future trajectory of kingdom-first movements across North America. 

2017 Assessment Retreats
Please note: We will not be able to accept any registrations after the posted deadlines. Be sure to allow at least 2-3 weeks to complete all pre-assessment tools to meet the registration deadline of your desired retreat.
  • Las Vegas, NV | Feb. 16-17 | complete
  • Atlanta Downtown | Feb. 27-28 | complete
  • San Francisco, CA | Mar. 2-3 | complete
  • Orange County, CA | Mar. 6-7 | complete
  • Calgary & Edmonton | Mar. 6-7 | complete
  • Chicago & Minneapolis/St. Paul | Mar. 7-8 | complete
  • Baltimore, MD | Mar. 13-14 | complete
  • New York City & Philadelphia | Mar. 15-16 | complete
  • Boston, MA | Mar. 22-23 | complete
  • Denver, CO | Mar. 28-29 | complete
  • Phoenix, AZ | April 3-4 | complete
  • Kansas City, MO | April 20-21 | complete
  • Toronto | May 9-10 | complete
  • Montreal| May 15-16 | complete
  • Atlanta Downtown | June 26-27 | complete
  • Las Vegas, NV | Aug. 14-15
  • Chicago & Minneapolis/St. Paul | Sept 7-8 
  • Washington, DC | Sept. 14-15
  • Miami, FL | Sept. 21-22
  • Denver, CO | Sept. 26-27
  • San Francisco, CA | Sept. 28-29
  • Toronto | Oct. 16-17
  • Atlanta West | Oct. 2-3
  • Kansas City, MO | Oct. 5-6
  • Phoenix, AZ | Oct. 9-10
  • Boston, MA | Oct. 12-13
  • Calgary & Edmonton | Oct. 19-20
  • Atlanta Downtown | Oct. 23-24
  • Montreal | Nov. 2-3
  • New York City & Philadelphia | Nov. 8-9
  • Los Angeles, CA | Nov. 14-15
  • Columbus. OH | Nov. 29-30