Church Planter Training

Each session of the Send Network’s Church Planter Training is designed to help planters produce specific outcomes for their church plants. The training identifies 12 leadership competencies which answer the question, “What outcome should a church planter be producing as he is learning church planting skills?”

12 Leadership Competencies  

The competencies the planters study over the semester of training are:

  1. Calling: Identify and confirm a passionate sense of calling.
  2. Character: Master the discipline of leading yourself.
  3. Missional Engagement: Understand the makeup of your community to develop a missional engagement strategy.
  4. Vision: Cast a clear and compelling vision.
  5. Bold Faith: Lead with a bold faith that takes prayerful risks.
  6. Values: Evaluate your values, and integrate them into the DNA of your church.
  7. Fundraising: Effectively raise and manage money.
  8. Disciple-making: Be intentional about making disciples who make disciples.
  9. Systems and Structure: Develop measurable systems and structure to support the vision.
  10. Team Building: Empower key leaders to execute the vision.
  11. Communication: Communicate for kingdom impact.
  12. Multiplication: Create a culture of multiplication.

Our passion behind the training is to develop strong, healthy leaders. We’ve developed a unique approach to training planters that walks through 12 Leadership Competencies over a specific period of time. No matter how much (or how little) training you have received in the past, you will experience a totally new dynamic of learning. 

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