Taylor Field: Graffiti Church

March 14, 2018

At Graffiti Church in New York’s Lower East Side, the motto is: “From small things come great things.”

“Jesus started by meeting needs first,” says Graffiti’s Taylor Field, a Send Relief® missionary. “His compassion grew people’s faith, and then He built the church on that faith.”

Taylor calls it an upside-down approach, and it’s working. He and his wife have served in the area for 40 years, teaching the church to share Christ’s compassion in practical ways—from tutoring to English as a second language classes to lunches in the park. “When we serve a meal, it’s not just about giving food; we sit down together and connect.”

With multiple campuses, Graffiti Church and its members are actively living for Christ around the city. The challenges are multifaceted, but lives are changing in miraculous ways.

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