Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., is known as a worldwide hub of influence and the nerve center for U.S. policy and politics. Considered one of the most globally diverse cities in the world, people from across the globe live, work, study and represent their home countries in America’s capital city. But there’s more to the city than the powerful and educated elite who call it home.

Inside the city you’ll find the other extreme. D.C. consistently ranks in the top 10 of cities having the highest population of homelessness—including a number of families. Marked by crime and poverty, the area has grown to be an increasingly difficult place to live for many residents. 

The needs are great. Reaching the diverse population in the D.C. area requires overcoming barriers of affluence and poverty, language and culture and the darkness of spiritual liberalism and indifference.

Currently, there are only 700 active Southern Baptist congregations working to reach 6,162,244 people living in D.C. and its surrounding suburbs. This means there is only one Southern Baptist congregation for every 8,803 people, making the task to evangelize the area a daunting one.

“There are very few gospel-centered churches in the city compared to the population size,” explains Send North America: Washington, D.C., Send City missionary Clint Clifton. “As you venture into the suburbs there are a greater number of these churches, but with the population exploding, we can’t keep up. Our churches are dying faster than they’re being planted.”

The evangelical population in D.C. is only 12.5 percent, a number planters, pastors and partners hope to see increase significantly through the church planting and evangelism efforts of Send North America: Washington, D.C. Through this initiative, Southern Baptists are working diligently to see more churches planted and more people developing a personal relationship with Jesus in the D.C. area.  

Washington, D.C. needs church planters and partners willing to step out in faith and into the city to see the community of D.C., and quite possibly one day the nation, won back to Christ. To become a part of Send North America: D.C. and what God is doing in the nation’s capital, visit "Send Me."
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Fast Facts


Population in Washington, D.C.

6 million people live in the metro Washington, D.C. area.


SBC Church-Population Ratio

There is one Southern Baptist Convention church for every 8,803 metro Washington, D.C. residents.

Ethnic Diversity

60.1% White
25.8% African American
10.2% Asian & Pacific Islander
3.2% Two or More Races
0.7% Native American
Hispanic Population (all ethnicities): 14.8%