Las Vegas

When a city sets its sights on catering to escapism, is there any hope of seeing it won with the truth of the gospel? For those working to reach the city through Send North America: Las Vegas, the answer isyes.

The city’s own marketing campaigns have become national, if not international clichés. “Sin City.” “What happens in Vegas …” The latest offering from the visitor’s bureau, “Know the Code,” asks visitors to vow an oath of secrecy for their time in the city. Almost 100,000 people have already made the pledge.

Las Vegas is a city of lights,” says Ben Barfield, Send Las Vegas missionary. “From space, it is the brightest place on earth according to NASA, but we have begun to see a spark across this valley. This spark of a church planting movement is shining true light and hope in this city known for it’s darkness.

Las Vegas is much more than the Strip and casinos. It is a sprawling western city devastated by the real estate bust and a struggling economy. Vegas needs the hope of the gospel.

With just shy of 2 million people, Las Vegas has only 113 Southern Baptist churches. That’s an SBC church-to-population ratio of 1:18,316. Vegas needs the help of Southern Baptists.

You can take your own pledge to make it impossible for what happened in Las Vegas to be contained there. Come be part of taking the city for Christ.

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Fast Facts


Population in Las Vegas

2.1 million people live in the metro Las Vegas area.


SBC Church-Population Ratio

There is one Southern Baptist Convention church for every 18,316 metro Las Vegas residents.

Ethnic Diversity

72.2% White
11.6% African American
10.7% Asian & Pacific Islander
4.3% Two or More Races
1.2% Native American
Hispanic Population (all ethnicities): 30.3%