Minneapolis/St. Paul

With almost 3.3 million people, it’s the largest, most influential urban area between Chicago and Seattle. It’s the home of 10 Fortune 500 companies—with the fifth highest concentration of those companies in the United States. On an artistic note, only New York City and Chicago have a more significant theater industry.

And with more than 720,000 either first- or second-generation internationals (88 percent of whom come from unreached people groups), Minneapolis-St. Paul touches the world.

To reach Minneapolis-St. Paul with the good news about Jesus is to reach Minnesota, the American Great Plains, North America and the world. Though many residents come from churched backgrounds in the Twin Cities, evangelicals still make up only 13 percent of the population.

Southern Baptists are even more rare. The first SBC church in the state started in nearby Bloomington in the 1950s, but early church plants in the area focused mostly on reaching transplanted Southerners—not native Minnesotans. More than half a century after the first SBC church in the area started, there is only one SBC church for every 70,189 people. It has, by far, the lowest SBC church-to-population ratio of any major city in the United States.

Southern Baptists in the Twin Cities can see God moving. Ten new Southern Baptist churches have been started in the past year in the area. But to continue the momentum, new partners are needed. Because their numbers are so few, local Southern Baptists need churches from other areas to come alongside them to provide resources, people and prayer.

If you and your church would like to join what God is doing through Send North America: Minneapolis-St. Paul, visit namb.net and click Send Me.
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Fast Facts


Population in Minneapolis/St. Paul

3.3 million people live in the metro Minneapolis/St. Paul area.


SBC Church-Population Ratio

There is one Southern Baptist Convention church for every 70,189 metro Minneapolis/St. Paul residents.

Ethnic Diversity

81.1% White
8.5% African American
6.9% Asian & Pacific Islander
2.7% Two or More Races
0.9% Native American
Hispanic Population (all ethnicities): 5.8%