Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is one of the few places in the United States that is so closely linked to a single concept it is difficult for many people to separate the city from the thought. In Salt Lake the entity that brings that single thought is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When most people think of Salt Lake City, they think of Mormons. 

Though it is true that Mormons continue to wield major influence over the culture and administration of the city, it is equally true that Salt Lake has become a major metropolitan area. It is no longer, if you will, a one-industry town. 

Send North America: Salt Lake City aims to bring a vibrant gospel presence to the nearly 2.4 million people living in the metro area. Partnerships with churches outside the city are critical in establishing a long-term gospel witness through church planting.  

Somewhat surprisingly, Salt Lake does not have the highest Southern Baptist congregation-to-population ratio among Send North America cities, but at one SBC church to every 40,994 people, the need is still great. Not surprisingly the evangelical percentage of the population in Salt Lake’s Send North America 17-county city plan is extremely low at 2.2 percent. 

Send North America: Salt Lake Send City missionary, Travis Kerns, is ready to see those numbers improve because he knows the numbers represent people who need to know Jesus. Kerns and his family moved to the city in 2013. 

“Though it is hard for many people to believe there is a place in the United States that is, basically, unreached, Salt Lake City fits that description,” said Kerns. “Although The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints controls much of the region, God has continually worked throughout the history of redemption through a small remnant.

“The evangelical population makes up only 2.3 percent, and Southern Baptists are less than 1 percent, but God worked through one man’s family in Genesis, and He has promised to continue to move through the faithful proclamation of the message of Jesus, even if only through a small number. Will you come to Salt Lake City and work alongside the faithful already here? God is moving hearts to love Salt Lake City like never before. Partner with us, and let’s watch God work miracles together,” said Kerns. 

It is clear Salt Lake City needs partners and support. Prayerfully consider what God may call you to do in response to the needs in the city. When you think of Salt Lake City, pray.

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Fast Facts


Population in Salt Lake City

2.4 million people live in the metro Salt Lake City area.


SBC Church-Population Ratio

There is one Southern Baptist Convention church for every 40,994 metro Salt Lake City residents.

Ethnic Diversity

91.1% White
3.8% Asian & Pacific Islander
2.5% Two or More Races
1.5% African American
1.1% Native American
Hispanic Population (all ethnicities): 14.5%