A Good Word From My Wife

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Editor’s Note: (Pastor Joe Thorn recently posted a blog that needs to serve as a reminder today for us. These men of ours will drink deeply from a cup of cool water we can offer them in the form of a ‘good word.’ Read about the power of his wife Jen’s words.)  

I recently walked through a week of ministry that was leaving me weary. From officiating the wedding of a close friend, to walking a family through the death of their 2 week old, then the funeral, to teaching a workshop at a conference, to preaching on the Lord’s Day, and host of other tasks and responsibilities there was a lot going on and I was being drained emotionally. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to do anything else. I signed up for this. Or, more accurately, God called me to it. But some seasons are tougher than others, and that week was a tough one. As everything was piling up and my heart was weighed down, my wife sent me an email that watered my thirsty soul.


I want to encourage you to remember that this is God’s day and he will run it the way he wants it to run, and it is God’s funeral and he will make it come together the way he wants it to come together. This goes for the rest of week as well.  

Nothing big or small should disturb our peace since God is sufficient in wisdom, power, and providence, so that the days and everything in them line up exactly to God’s liking (though not always to ours).  

I know you have a lot going on this week, funeral, meetings, sermon and break out sessions. Since time belongs to God he will give you enough of it to get all of those things done, though maybe not according to your time table.  

Don’t let stress rob you of what you love doing–declaring the gospel in various circumstances–for stress cannot rob God of being God and he in control.  

Love you,  


Proverbs 12:25 says, “Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down,but a good word makes him glad.” We all grow weary, fearful, and anxious. And it is a good word that God uses to calm our hearts and grant us gladness. A good word is not superficial encouragement, but truth given in a time of need.

You may be rescuing them from distress or despair. Speak to your friends, your spouse, and your pastors. All need it. I thank God for a wife who loves me, and loves the Lord even more. Her words gave me gladness in the midst of what felt like chaos.

Published August 20, 2014

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