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If you want a deep-dish pizza, a remarkable hot dog or world-class Polish cuisine, Chicago is the place to go. It’s the city of the Willis Tower (Sears Tower) and the Chicago Cubs. It’s Chinatown, Lake Michigan and Soldier Field all wrapped up into one. And like most big cities, it is showcases the extremes of wealth and poverty, education and illiteracy.

As the third largest city in the United States, Chicago has just about everything you could imagine. The city has more than 570 parks, 31 sand beaches, dozens of museums and theaters, world-class shopping and food festivals galore. But what it doesn’t have is easy access to the gospel.

Less than 10 percent of the population is affiliated with an evangelical church. There are currently 271 Southern Baptist churches in the Chicago metro area, but with 10 million people to reach, help is desperately needed.

It’s time for a fresh wind in the Windy City. We are focusing our efforts here in three areas: the city of Chicago, the suburbs and in neighborhoods with predominantly non-English speakers. The hope is to see local churches planted strategically in unreached and underserved neighborhoods so they can meet needs, share the good news, develop leaders and support missionaries. Change is possible, but it will require dedicated, passionate people who want to invest in people and make a difference in communities.

From planting a church to partnering with those already on mission in Chicago, you and your church can make a difference; connect with us to learn how.

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