You’ve discerned your call and are excited to plant a church—now what? From setting the direction of your new church, to forming contextual biblical community, to sending your own planters out through multiplication—practical, biblical instruction will guide you in your church planting journey.

One size won’t fit all when it comes to church planting. Your context informs and determines your approach. Contextualized training helps prepare you to succeed whether you’re planting on a college campus, replanting an older congregation or establishing a plant while maintaining another career in the community. Interactive peer-learning environments guided by an experienced trainer give you the tools to develop and implement a strategic mission unique to your gifts, chosen model and context.

Send Network Training

Designed by veteran church planters who have lived and learned from their successes and mistakes, Send Network Training will equip you to plant a healthy, growing church to reach your community. This six-month training will help you develop a contextual strategy of evangelism, discipleship and missional living.

Replant Training

Replanting comes with unique challenges and a maze of history to navigate. As a Replanter, your purpose is not just a new work, it is a ministry of restoration and healing. Replant training, a five-month interactive experience, will help you navigate strategic steps and avoid obstacles common in a replanting context.

Covocational Training

Covocational church planting gives the planter greater opportunities to connect relationally and build credibility with people in the community. Covocational training teaches you to manage the demands of your career, ministry and family in a God-honoring and sustainable way.

I'm a Planter

Send Network Training exists to develop strong, healthy leaders through a unique approach using 12 leadership competencies. The developmental process will be highly relational as we utilize a coaching and mentoring approach at the heart of our process. Find out how to connect with a Training Cohort in your area.

I want to be a Trainer

Your experience and heart to help new church planters navigate the early years and build a strong foundation for ministry are vital as we seek to share the hope of the gospel with every community in North America. Learn how we can equip you to train church planters at a Send Network Church Planter Trainer event.

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