• Planned Gifts, Estates and Wills

    The majority of Americans die without a will. “I will get around to that some time” never materializes, in which case federal and state governments intervene and make decisions about their assets. Poorly planned estates may expose assets to a higher rate of estate tax. Every year, the estates of deceased Americans are subjected to billions of dollars of avoidable taxes.

    In many cases, a planned-gift professional can assist in developing a plan that will significantly reduce estate taxes while providing for charities and ministries that you care about. Most people do not have a “family attorney” who is trained within this area of specialization.

    NAMB works with the Southern Baptist Foundation, state foundations and other qualified professionals to help donors complete an effective plan. We stand ready to help you maximize stewardship as you follow the Lord's leading. In their plan donors can give a percentage of their estate to NAMB along with any other ministry.

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