Church Leader Resources

Whether you are leading a large Sunday School class or mentoring one-on-one, your ministry is vital to both the church and the kingdom. You play a strategic role in achieving the goal of seeing every church on mission, and we're here with resources to help you get started and find new opportunities for your group to serve.

Send Conference 2020

The drive of this conference is to see a movement of people from within the church living out the mission of God.

The conference is designed for students, business people, soccer moms, church planters, grandmothers, lawyers, pastors, baristas – it is for the entirety of the church.

Join us July 30-31, 2020 in Atlanta.

Send Me
There’s no question about it; every Christian and every Church is called to serve. Whether you're taking the first step on your journey or looking for new opportunities for already established ministries, find ways to get involved in God's mission all across North America.
Three Circles
Life change. It all begins with a conversation. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most profound reality of life, but sharing that good news should be as easy as any other conversation. Discover how you can share the gospel with anyone using the Life Conversation Guide. The 3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide helps answer common questions in a simple and memorable way, so you can begin to naturally and actively share the gospel with others.
Life on Mission
There is nothing more freeing than abandoning your own mission and joining the everyday mission of God. The Life on Mission book and suite of resources helps you set a firm foundation on the gospel for you and your church as you live life as an everyday missionary. The book and supporting Bible study will prove to be a catalyst for you as you seek to live Life On Mission.