Church Mobilization Resources

Church Planting Agreement MS Word Document
March 15, 2017 | Church Mobilization
NAMB strongly recommends that Sending Churches and church plants formally document their relationship in a clear, written agreement as early as possible. This model agreement provides as an example that addresses the typical issues known to NAMB and the Send Network.
November 8, 2016 | Church Mobilization
A Supporting Church comes alongside a Sending Church to support a church plant by praying, participating and/or providing. This PDF will clarify, in detail, what NAMB expects of Supporting Churches and what Supporting Churches can expect from NAMB.
November 8, 2016 | Church Mobilization
Planting a church on the edge of lostness is often difficult and lonely work. One of the best things you can do as a Sending Church is to serve your planter by taking a proactive role in encouraging and caring for him and his family. Here are 10 practical ways you can care for your church planter.
November 8, 2016 | Church Mobilization
February 13, 2017 | Church Mobilization
Sending Churches commit to take responsibility for a church plant until it can stand on it’s own as a self-sustaining, self-governing and self-propagating church. Here are six critical elements of the Sending Church’s role in walking with a church plant toward financial sustainability.
November 8, 2016 | Church Mobilization
What amount of money appropriately funds a new church plant? The Planting Projector is designed to help a planter, his Sending Church and NAMB mobilizers think through yearly financial needs, including budgetary and cash flow requirements.
April 10, 2017 | Church Mobilization
If we want to see a move of God in North America, we should pray that God will move in and through church planters. Church planters are on the front lines, confronting the darkness and spreading the gospel in North America. They often serve in areas with little gospel witness, far from the...