When you meet the needs of your community, bridges are built, and relationships are created. People see, hear and respond to the gospel because you are faithfully answering God’s call to love others.

Poverty, human trafficking, refugees, children in crisis—the needs are enormous. When the issues are close to home, you want to help, but how? Through Send Relief, NAMB’s focus on compassion ministry, you can meet a need, build a relationship and change a life.

Send help. Send hope. Send Relief.


Tonight, in your community—maybe even in your neighborhood—a child will go to bed hungry. A father, unable to read, will not be able to help his son with homework. A senior, plagued with medical debt, will become homeless. Your church is the solution.

Refugees & Internationals

Imagine entering a new country unable to speak, read or understand the language. Now, imagine doing it alone. This is where the Church can help. You can help. You can be friend. You can be a familiar face in an unfamiliar place.

Foster Care & Adoption

Every family has a different story. Foster care and adoption are avenues God uses to build families in unique and beautiful ways out of brokenness. You and your church can bring healing to children and families.

Human Trafficking

It can be as close to you as the next gas station or booth at your favorite restaurant. Do you know how to recognize it? People are bought and sold over and over. They are in bondage, but your church can provide a path to freedom.

When disaster strikes, we have two ways to help.

Crisis Response

When images of disaster fill the news cycle and when those images fade from focus, you can help rewrite the story for people in unexpected crisis. You will be quickly trained and mobilized to offer peace in the chaos and hope in the wreckage.

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

In most cases when disaster strikes, highly-trained Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers are some of the first on the scene with immediate response and remain long term to rebuild. Use your skills to invest in communities devastated by fire, hurricane, floods and more; join the third-largest volunteer disaster relief force in North America.