Matching Gifts

Did you know that you might be able to double or even triple your donation to the North American Mission Board?

If you need assistance, we’re here to help.

The Process

1. Search for Your Company

Locate your company in the search box. If you don’t find your company, you may still have a matching gift program. Contact your HR department to find out.

2. Make a donation

Make a donation and be sure to hold on to your receipt. Most companies require this in order to match a donation. You typically have up to a year to request a match.

3. Submit a Matching Request

There are two ways to submit a matching request.

(A) In the search results, if your company provides an online matching gift link, login and submit the request there.

(B) Download your company’s matching gift verification form. Print, fill it out and mail it to:
North American Mission Board
ATTN: Development
4200 North Point Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Matching Gift Search

Use the search box below to find out if your employer matches charitable donations.


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