Every day of your life is an opportunity. God designed you with unique skills and experiences, and your story has the potential to reach someone in a way that no one else’s can. We want to help you connect your story to others.

Join The Mission

Your first step of faith is surrendering to Christ. Your next step in the journey is to follow His example of meeting needs and sharing the gospel. God’s plan for changing the world is you. God’s plan is the Church on mission. There are many paths to explore in ministry. Whether you’re a student or retiree, an artist or accountant, we can connect you with opportunities in your own neighborhood and across North America.

“There’s nothing like the look on a homeowner’s face when you get to look them in the eye and tell them there’s hope in the middle of destruction—it’s the most rewarding thing you could ever do. What better way to share the gospel than this?”
- Jordan Niemeyer, Collegiate Send Relief Volunteer
“I no longer want comfort but a life of unpredictability with God in control. I’m still learning every day what that looks like.”
- Hannah Burns, Church Plant Member
“It may not be the American dream but guiding people to know Jesus is really the most extraordinary job we could ever have.”
- Matthew Young, Church Plant Member
“If I am not engaged in the mission, there is a deficiency in my daily walk with Jesus.”
- Vance Pitman, Pastor
“Unless our people are applying the message of Jesus to their lives in an ongoing way, it’s unlikely that the gospel will be the first thing out of their mouths when they speak to others.”
- Kent Bateman, Church Planter

Partnering Together to Send the Hope of the Gospel

Compassion Ministry

When a family is in crisis, God knows. When a community is broken by disaster, He sees. When a child is crying, He hears. He cares. Is the Church listening? Are you listening? Does your heart break for the things that break the heart of God?

Church Planting

Each changed life changes the course of a family, a community, the world. But how will life change happen when the Church is not present? Church planting has a profound impact in areas of North America that have few gospel-centered churches. Is your church ready—are you ready—to join the movement?


Hospitals. Battlefields. Boardrooms. Crime scenes. Life is complex, sometimes confusing, often out-of-control. As a chaplain, you can offer stability, spiritual insight and the simple gift of safe presence, through it all.

Students On Mission

Your story is just beginning, and collegiate volunteer opportunities give you the chance to learn where your passions and strengths intersect with ministry needs across North America.

Evangelism Catalyst

Sending the hope of the gospel is our greatest mission, and you can reach unreached people in your own area who need to hear the good news of Jesus.


Collegiate/University Missionary

College students are establishing the path for the rest of their lives—imagine if that path was to be on mission. Reach and disciple students to make a lifelong impact.


Church Planting Team Member

Church planting isn’t a solo mission. You can reach the unreached by joining with others to establish a new church.