Ministry Wives - Flourish

Ministry wives long for a community that understands their unique calling. They need a place to connect with other ministry wives for support, encouragement and resources. Engage with women who've walked the path you're walking and others who are just starting the journey of ministry.

Flourish is an online equipping community for ministry wives created by the North American Mission Board. As a national consultant for ministry to pastors' wives, Kathy Ferguson Litton leads Flourish with a team of ministry wives from across North America who understand this unique role.

Flourish subscribers can expect to see new content uploaded weekly to the blog by pastor and church planting wives in various stages of ministry. From practical advice to the hard-to-ask questions, you can trust that they will share genuinely on all aspects of family, ministry and spiritual growth as it personally relates to ministry wives.

We believe your leadership as a ministry wife is powerful, so we thrive to assist you in flourishing emotionally, physically and spiritually for the sake of the Gospel. We want to partner with you as you seek to live your life on mission in your unique calling as a ministry wife.

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