13 Ways GenSend Summer Impacts Student Lives

Students seeking a transformative summer experience that will shape their future and ignite a passion for living life on mission can look no further than GenSend Summer. This unique program offers full immersion in new places, complete freedom to excel and learn and a platform to develop lifelong skills and habits.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Those who have participated have witnessed its incredible impact on their lives. From discovering the importance of living on mission to building lasting friendships and networks, learn why students should consider applying for a GenSend Summer experience

  1. Expand Perspectives

Participants have described GenSend Summer as one of the most impactful experiences in their lives, reshaping their view of the future and their role as missionaries. This program teaches students to live intentionally, open to new ideas and perspectives that broaden their horizons.

  1. Affirm Their Calling

For many students, this experience serves as a confirmation of their ministry calling. By working with churches and shaping their cities with His word, students feel encouraged and affirmed in their ministry aspirations, setting them on a path of purpose and fulfillment.

  1. Embrace Everyday Missions

Sharing the gospel can often seem daunting, but GenSend Summer tackles these fears by emphasizing the importance of loving people daily. Through meaningful conversations and genuine connections, students learn to let their faith shine and allow God to work through them.

  1. Continuous Learning

GenSend Summer is an experience that keeps on giving. Students have expressed how they continue to learn valuable lessons from this immersive exploration even long after it has ended. The insights gained expand into an invaluable source of wisdom and growth in their lives.

  1. Total Immersion and Lasting Friendships

GenSend Summer offers a unique opportunity for total immersion in a new place, providing complete freedom to learn. The growth experience during the summer increases and the friendships and networks formed cultivate an invaluable support system for participants during the program and beyond.

  1. Life-Altering Faith Growth

If students seek to deepen their faith, acquire skills for living on mission and develop habits that will benefit them throughout their life, GenSend Summer is the perfect choice. Countless participants have declared it the best experience of their lives, testifying to the transformative power of this program.

  1. Unexpected Blessings

GenSend Summer has led to unforeseen blessings and life-altering decisions for some. From finding a sense of belonging in a new city and church to discovering post-graduation opportunities, participants have found the profound impact it can have on their lives far beyond their initial expectations.

  1. Overcoming Fear and Taking Leaps

Stepping into the GenSend Summer experience often brings its fair share of nerves and fears. Still, those who leap discover the reward of incredible, life-changing encounters. Trusting in God and embracing the unknown can lead to remarkable personal growth and fulfillment.

  1. Uniquely Impactful

Students hail their experiences as one of the most distinctive mission experiences available. This program equips participants with the skills and mindset needed to make a difference in any context by providing opportunities to live on mission anywhere.

  1. Unplug and Engage

GenSend Summer teaches the importance of unplugging and engaging with people. By listening and seeking opportunities to share the gospel, participants learn to make the most of meaningful conversations and learn to navigate their everyday mission fields.

  1. Gospel-Centered Conversations

Participants learn the invaluable skill of having gospel-centered conversations. Whether with young adults in their city or peers in college, they develop the ability to guide discussions toward the gospel and ask thought-provoking questions, ensuring they can impact lives regardless of their future path.

  1. Embracing Hope in Darkness

GenSend Summer participants witness firsthand that God works despite the darkness and through it. Serving in cities plagued by suffering and hardship, students learn to rely on Christ alone and build their faith on a firm foundation. This understanding fosters resilience and empowers them to serve as messengers of hope in challenging environments.

  1. Navigating the Mission Field

Participants learn that every step leads to a potential mission field. They discover how to navigate, build supportive networks and understand their unique strengths and talents. By working in diverse teams, students find new aspects of their identity and uncover their true potential.

GenSend Summer offers an unrivaled opportunity for students to embark on a life-changing journey of personal growth, faith development and evangelism opportunities. Participating in this transformative program will give students invaluable experiences, skills and relationships that will shape their future and equip them to share the gospel.

Published June 15, 2023