Afshin Ziafat on the Cost in His Life of Following Christ

Kicking off Season 5, Christine talks with pastor Afshin Ziafat about growing up Iranian and Muslim at a time when Iranians were hated in America. He shares how someone in his life took the risk of loving him and giving him a Bible, and how that Bible became pivotal in his life many years later. When Afshin became a Christian, it cost him everything to follow Jesus, and he details those painful costs in today's episode, as well as the unseen rewards that have come in the years since. Afshin helps us understand how we can honor our parents when our parents come against us because of Christ, how we can love and serve our Muslim neighbors, and why we can stake our entire lives on Jesus.

Providence Church // Romans 3:22 // Matthew 10:34-39 // Matthew 16:24-28 // 1 John 2:17 // John 19 // 2 Corinthians 5 // 1 John 4

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Published September 10, 2019