Alia Joy on Discovering God Through Weakness and Mental Illness

Christine talks with Alia Joy, author of the book, Glorious Weakness: Discovering God in All We Lack. Alia wonders if weakness is her spiritual gift. You’ll understand what she means when you listen to this conversation. Alia shares about growing up in poverty and how that formed her. She also shares about the day in her teenage years when she decided to take her own life and what happened that saved her life in the literal sense but also the spiritual sense. Although God rescued Alia that day, Alia shares about how knowing God doesn’t magically fix everything. She talks about mental illness and suicidal ideation, explaining what it’s like to live with these things, how she reconciles God’s goodness with ongoing suffering, and what she wants Christians to know about mental illness. 

Alia's book, Glorious Weakness // Alia's article in Christianity Today, "God Saved Me From Suicide"

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Published October 15, 2019