Amie Patrick on How an Unhealthy Pace and Emotional Life in Church Planting Led to Implosion

Christine talks with Amie Patrick, wife of Darrin and mom of four. Darrin and Amie planted The Journey in St. Louis in 2002 and the church exploded in growth almost immediately. Darrin and Amie set off on a frenetic pace, which you’ll hear about in our conversation today. However, In 2016, Amie’s world fell apart when her husband was confronted about an emotional affair and the elders of the church fired Darrin from his role as Lead Pastor. Amie shares in our conversation today about what happened, what patterns she’d warn us all about, and why the lack of emotional health was such a key component of not only their life’s implosion but how their increasing emotional health has been so important in their current rebuilding.

Amie's TGC Body Image Talk // Seacoast Church // The Journey Church // The Church Planting Wife book // Strong and Weak by Andy Crouch // Crosspoint Ministry // The Relational Soul book // James 1

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Published November 19, 2019