Courtney Reissig on Fighting an Allegiance to Fear

Christine talks with Courtney Reissig, a Bible teacher, wife, and mom of four boys. Courtney shares about some trauma she endured in giving birth to her fourth baby and how that physical trauma led to physiological anxiety and spiritual fear. She tells us how she navigated that time, what helped her navigate through to healing, and finally what she’d say specifically to moms about fear or regret related to childbirth or our children in general. Even if you’re not a mom, you’ll relate so much to Courtney’s story of panic and fear and you’ll learn from her what she now knows about God having come through it.

Courtney's new book, Teach Me To Feel // Knowing Faith // United? We Pray // The Daily //  NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour // Psalm 66 // Psalm 116 // Psalm 46 // Psalm 77 // Psalm 89

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Published March 17, 2020