Entering Ministry Mid-Career (an interview with Emay Yeng)

Sometimes God calls us into a new season of life and ministry when we least expect it. Navigating decisions about those new seasons can be scary and stressful, but ultimately, God wants us to lay it all at His feet. Emay Yeng shares today how she and her husband John navigated God calling them into vocational ministry from the corporate world. Emay and John learned to prayerfully walk into their new season, seeking unity of spirit and trusting that Jesus is better. 


  • Sometimes loving Jesus means laying down or pivoting on your dreams.
  • Ask yourself, “Is Jesus better than the fears I have about this season?” If your answer is yes, trust that He will do what is good.
  • Ultimately, Jesus wants your heart. Your decision about any season is secondary to His desire for you to surrender.


“I think from the world’s perspective we had made it. And yet when it really came down to it, did we believe and trust that Jesus was better than that? For us, the answer was that we needed to relinquish everything. I want to be careful to say, I don’t think that that’s always the case. I don’t think that to love Jesus more and to say that He’s our Lord and Savior always means a “yes” to ministry. But in our case, it was very clear that that was what He was asking of us.”

-Emay Yeng

“The most important thing is laying any decision before the Lord. Ask Him with open hands, ‘Lord, where am I? I want to be surrendered about it, but where are my hands still clutching? Where are my fingers still needing to be peeled back? What are those pain points?’ I think I can be hard on myself when I realize I have those things, and yet I recognize that that’s part of what the Lord wants. He’s always chasing after our hearts. The answer or the decision is really secondary to what He really wants. What he really wants is my heart.”

-Emay Yeng


Jesus is Better


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Published August 21, 2023