Rebecca Bender on Fighting Shame

Christine talks with Rebecca Bender, author of the new book, "In Pursuit of Love." When Rebecca was a teenager, she was tricked by her so-called boyfriend into a life of prostitution in Las Vegas. For 6 years, she was trafficked, bought and sold for money. She became addicted to drugs and, as she talks about today, she also became addicted to the money and material things her trafficker bought her. In today’s episode, Rebecca shares about that life, how she came to faith in Christ, and how her devotion to Christ has broken her of her drug addiction, her love of money, and is now helping her reject shame. She also shares how she’s made it her life’s mission to share Christ and help trafficking victims. Rebecca’s story is simply incredible!

Please note: this episode contains adult themes. Please be mindful of who is listening with you.

Rebecca’s book, In Pursuit of Love // Find Your Lane: How to Identify Your Place in the Anti-Trafficking Movement

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Published February 11, 2020