Sarah Mae on Forgiving When the Wound is Still Open

Christine talks with author Sarah Mae about her complicated upbringing, specifically about her relationship with her alcoholic mother. Many people ask Sarah how she knew whether or not she should stay in a relationship with her mom, how she got her own emotional junk together so she could stop unhealthy patterns and behaviors, and how she got to a place where the sadness and pain of her relationship with her mom no longer consumed her. Sarah addresses these difficult topics and shares about her new raw, truth-filled book called The Complicated Heart: Loving Even When It Hurts.

Please note: this episode is not suitable for children's listening ears.

Sarah's new book, The Complicated Heart // Core Lies // The Navigators Ministry // Young Life // Boundaries by Cloud & Townsend // Forgiven and Set Free // Psalm 40:3

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Published September 17, 2019