Singleness in Quarantine

Recently my husband and I did a webinar for our church about singleness during quarantine, and the panel of singles we talked with have graciously allowed me to share it with you. In this webinar, we asked singles to answer the following questions: 

  • How has God grown you and shaped you during this time of quarantine?
  • If you have roommates/housemates, how has this been a challenging time for the two of you? How has it brought you together? What specific lessons have you learned about living in unity that you could share with others who live with housemates?
  • If you live alone, what have been the unique challenges for you? What have you learned that could benefit others who live alone?
  • What are the best things you have done to maintain spiritual, emotional, and mental health?
  • How have the challenges of singleness been exacerbated during this time? How have the gifts of singleness been clearer for you? 
  • How has your calling and vocation been challenged or renewed for you in this season? What idols or temptations has God revealed to you in relation to work?
  • What can married couples / families do to help you or bless you as things begin to open up? 

Whether single or married, what they shared will certainly be a blessing and help to you.

Charlottesville Community Church

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Published May 25, 2020