Flourish Faves for June

Here are a few of our favs from the month!

  • A fun read, especially for coffee lovers: “Coffee has seen Christianity through a Reformation, modernity and postmodernity, through boring Sunday sermons and lively evening revivals. Now it takes its place on the kitchen table, next to the Bible—close enough to be in the same frame.”
  • I found this interview with Bobby Schuller so interesting. Bobby’s famous grandfather, Dr. Robert Schuller, was founder and pastor of the mega mega church, Crystal Cathedral, in southern California, as well as the Hour of Power television ministry. Dr. Schuller intended to pass that position on to his son, but the transition did not go as expected (does it ever?) Read Bobby’s story here. I so appreciate his honesty about the struggle, but also his respect for his grandfather and father.
  • What a lovely story about creativity and generosity! I so admire this girl and how she loves her dad – not to mention quite impressed with Hyundai for making this happen.
  • My grandma had a wrinkle remover -it was called an IRON. Sorry, Mamaw, I just discovered something much easier! “Grandma’s Secret Wrinkle Remover”, a spray that miraculously removes wrinkles from clothing. It probably won’t substitute for the steam iron on your favorite white shirt, but its earned a spot on my carryon travel ziplock! Too bad it won’t work on skin….
  • Maybe God gave women cyclical emotions for a reason? Here’s a fresh perspective from Rachel Marie Stone.
  • Do you read better with your eyes or with your ears? I’ve been listening to To Kill a Mockingbird as an audiobook. Research says that listening to books can improve reading comprehension for all ages, as well as better understanding the flow and structure of story. A gifted narrator (in this case, the delightful Sissy Spacek) can bring the characters to life, boosting our imaginations! I’ve been exploring this website for free downloads.
  • Here’s a yummy summer dip/salad that is easy and colorful! My foodie friend, Trudy, has a blog that not only features excellent recipes, but her funny stories as well. Check it out!
  • Loving this quirky and energetic album: World of Praise – Instrumental Hymns by Mark Baldwin.
What fun finds do you have from this month?

Published June 22, 2015