Gather on Mission Evangelism Roundtable

By Joel Southerland

North American Mission Board Evangelism Executive Director Joel Southerland hosted a pastor’s roundtable to discuss leading a church on mission and the essential element of evangelism in that effort. The panel included three highly effective evangelistic senior pastors. They included Rocky Purvis, Northside Baptist Church, Lexington, S.C., Steven Kyle, Hiland Park Baptist Church, Panama City, Fla. and Tim Dowdy, Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church, McDonough, Ga.

Gather on Mission

Run time:

0:00 – Why should the corporate worship gathering be missional?

5:30 – How do you encourage your people to bring guests to the Sunday worship services?

16:05 – How is the gospel presented every Sunday during the worship gathering?

23:58 – How do you engage guests at your Sunday gathering?


Published May 30, 2018

Joel Southerland

Joel is the Executive Director of Evangelism at the North American Mission Board