How to fully engage in motherhood and mission at the same time

What does it look like to be a mom on mission? When I got pregnant with my first child, I remember thinking, “God, is this really the most effective way for your gospel to spread? For me to have a full-time job caring for a small baby, changing diapers, feeding, and cleaning?”

I had been trained to think like a missionary and this seemed counter-intuitive. For the years previous to this, I had been immersed in ministry life and enjoyed feeling productive and significant. What was going to happen now? Would I be isolated to my breast-feeding chair for months on end?

The answer to that question was “Yes. For a little while, at least.” Motherhood was at first all-consuming and God was working overtime to humble me. It was a good thing. As time went on, and I got used to having a baby on my hip, I had to learn this new world I found myself in.

What would it look like for me to be a mom who was on mission with God?

As I’ve learned to minister both to my kids and alongside my kids, I’ve learned some things along the way.

1. Pray for opportunities and the courage to seize them. 

Having kids makes it easier than EVER to talk to strangers, neighbors, people in the community, anyone. Other parents know what it’s like. We’re all in the same boat. Having this easy access to new relationships is something to take advantage of for the sake of the gospel. 

2. Be intentional with my time.

Outreach is the natural result of being fueled by the gospelBeing a mother means that you have constant demands on you. Be focused in this season of life and fight for time in the Word (even if that means while the kids are running around) and for time to renew yourself in God’s presence. When you’re fueled by the gospel, reaching out is the natural result.

Recently, I came across this video that highlights a missional mom who shares her perspective on this season of life. It’s well worth the watch.



Hannah shares practical tips for how to balance missional pursuits with call of motherhood. Which stands out to you?

Published March 15, 2015