I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids

Having raised three kids and now watching my
kids raise their kids I know how critical it is that the Word of God is taught
at home. Parents cannot outsource this responsibility.

We often stumble because we feel inept or
unsure as what works. This is new tool that can be launching pad for an
environment of teaching the Bible with your kids.

Hear from author Holly Hawkins Shivers:

“This book contains 52 scriptures every kid
should know as well as a devotional that coincides with each passage. As a mom
of four little ones and an active ministry wife, I am more convinced today than
EVER that God’s living Word inside our kids is our only hope in today’s world.
As parents and church leaders, there are many things we want to do well as we
raise and teach our kids. This is the one thing I want to do best, as these
words will guide them, convict them, encourage them and last forever.”

This book is written with three types of
audiences in mind:

  1. Families can use this as a devotional time together and help each child commit one verse per week to memory. It also can be a companion to The Joshua Code: 52 Scriptures Verses Every Believer Should Know, as most of the verses coincide. So, families can memorize the same verses each week.
  2. This book can be a gift in order to introduce the Bible to family and friends in non-threatening manner.
  3. Churches and schools can use this
    as a weekly curriculum or simply as a scripture memory tool. (Deep discounts
    for bulk copies can be obtained by calling 1-800-251-4000)

This book is available in bookstores or
Amazon. Check it out. Plus put
this info into hands of parents in your circle. It might just be the resource
they need to launch their kids into the Word of God at home.

Published November 3, 2014