Leading With a Purpose

Jenni Catron, the Executive Director for Cross Point Church in Nashville is a young, up-and-coming, dynamic leader. She sits in the second chair of her church, if you want to think of it in organizational hierarchy terms. Needless to say, she is a catalyst, a speaker, a leader, a lover of Christ, and my friend. She is all about raising women leaders in the church. She has shared with me some great stats on the number of women involved in corporate America as opposed to those involved in leadership in our churches. Let’s just say, the corporate world is getting the best of us.

I completely enjoy spending time with Jenni and always walk away motivated to inspire the women of my church to step up in leadership. One of her statements has stuck with me, causing me to rethink my level of influence. Check it out:

“As a female leader, the way you steward your leadership role in your church affects the way the other women in your church think of themselves, their abilities, and their value.”

In other words, the way I lead out in my church sets the example for other women. Do I lurk in the shadows or step up to the mic? Do I sit back and relax or dive headlong into ministry? Do wait for someone to love me or invest myself into others? You see, if I – as the Lead Pastor’s Wife – use my position to have a voice and to model the way, the women of my church will feel empowered to step up, too. They might be encouraged to stretch their skills and faith to take on roles they previously doubted they could. I want that for the ladies of MLC. If seeing me lead could help other women step out of their box…. their fears…..their comfort zones…. then I’ll lead for all to see. Jenni has helped me see that I have a stewardship of my leadership impact.

The church needs leaders…male and female. God made us all and equipped us to carry out His work. So, ladies, this one’s for you. As ministry wives we can lead the way. Come on. The church needs YOU, too!

Published January 1, 2012