Live Life on Purpose {#Send2015}

God has set your life up for a unique display of God’s glory. You are placed right where you are for a purpose. – David Platt

Even if you couldn’t make it to the SEND conference this year, we encourage you to take some time to read the highlights of each session’s main speaker. God’s Word was powerfully preached.


Session 1 Recap


Session 2 Recap


Session 3 Recap


Session 4 Recap


Session 5 Recap

We’re calling 13,000 people to lay down their lives as a blank check…and if there is any nervousness in you when it comes to writing a blank check with your life, I just want to remind you who you are giving the blank check to. He loves you so much. – David Platt

The whole point of the Send Conference is for us to see that all Christians are called to mission. There is no special calling. – David Platt

How can you live life on purpose today?

Published August 5, 2015