Meet Hunter-Grace Jernigan, Chaplaincy’s New Training Specialist

Hi! I’m Hunter-Grace Jernigan, the newest addition to the chaplaincy team, serving as the Training Specialist. I am excited to join the NAMB staff and come alongside SBC Chaplains as you work to serve your local communities!

My double name has special significance because I carry two legacies with me wherever I go. One is a family name honoring my grandfather’s middle name, Hunter, and the other, the most important legacy, is the testament to God’s Grace in my life. With a complicated birth story that includes a low likelihood of survival, it is only by God’s grace that I am alive and healthy to this day.

I go by both my first and middle name (Hunter Grace) to serve as an Ebenezer stone and a constant reminder of the gracious gift of life the Lord has given me that I didn’t deserve, physically and spiritually, through Jesus’ redeeming work on the cross.

With a rich history of six generations of military service passed down in my family, and as the daughter of a career Marine, moving and change have been a constant in my life. As my family always said, “The Marine Corps may give you orders, but the Lord sends you.”

In my lifetime, the Lord has called my family to live in many places. My hometown is Kane’ohe, Hawaii, where I spent nine years of my childhood. I have also lived in California, Washington, D.C., Tokyo, Alabama, North Carolina, and Woodstock, Georgia. This unique opportunity to live in all these places and travel to over 12 countries throughout Southeast Asia has given me a global perspective and awe of the way the Lord works through different cultures and people.

I graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle!), also known as “The Loveliest Village on the Plains,” with a certified teaching degree in Education. I first heard about NAMB through my college church ministry when Southern Baptist Disaster Relief and Send Relief came to help with tornado damage in Alabama. Little did I know that the Lord would plant this seed and bring me full circle to join NAMB years later!

As an educator, I do my best work when I can support others and set them up for success. As a Chaplaincy Training Specialist, I am committed to ensuring the behind-the-scenes details of professional training events and webinars go smoothly so our chaplains can focus on their kingdom ministry. I will be your point of contact for SBC Chaplaincy news updates and any event-related questions you may have.

You can reach me at [email protected] or (770)-410-6227.

I am excited to serve with you and see what the Lord has in store! Please know that the Chaplaincy team prays for you daily, and we know the Lord will do great things through you for His kingdom this year!

Hunter-Grace Jernigan

Published April 7, 2024