e-book: Money Matters

You’ve probably been in a meeting or a conversation with someone who seemed to have something else on his mind. There’s a distant look in his eyes and it’s clear that he’s not really engaged or interested in what’s happening around him.

Spend time around the typical church planter, and you are likely to notice the same vacant stare at times. There are many things to distract a planter—he’s got sermons to preach, meetings to lead and people to deal with. These challenges are compounded by the fact that every planter is also a sinner, so there’s no shortage of fears and failures that he must face as well. One factor can rise above all the rest and constantly weigh on a pastor’s mind. Money.

This ebook intends to provide counsel in money matters for church planters. Our prayer is that the wisdom provided in this and the following will protect you from harm and propel your church to missionary effectiveness.