My Life on Mission Matters {#SEND2015}

Discouraged. Disoriented. Defeated.

Unfortunately, these words describe the path of many in ministry. They often do mine. More often than I care to admit.

We sometimes think that calling means we must be famous for Jesus. Calling is simply a submission to the Caller. — Rebekah Lyons, SEND 2015


I love conferences. I typically jump at the chance to get out of the ordinary to experience much needed refreshment from the mundane and an eternal perspective for those everyday moments. And there is something special about thousands of people gathering (in tonight’s case, 13,500). Not primarily to sing loud and impassioned worship, which we did. Nor solely to make connections with like-minded Gospel-clingers, which we have. But to intentionally congregate in order to learn how to be sent.

We have to get beyond this idea that a calling to missions is only for a few. — JD Greear, SEND 2015

I love that we started this conference with prayer. Right off the bat, we prayed in small groups a prayer of surrender: Lord, send me. Be glorified among us. I surrender all to Your purposes. From there we stood in honor of the holy inspired Word of God and read together from Romans 8, Philippians 2, and Colossians 1.

You can’t manufacture a life-altering experience. Only the Spirit of God can do that. — David Platt, SEND 2015

The SEND conference has not been another flashy, feel-good event. It has been a powerful force for emboldening and propelling men and women of God toward a meaningful life on mission.

And my life on mission matters. (So does yours.)

Wherever I am and wherever I go, I am sent by the power of God. The very everyday moments I have a tendency to escape from, and the same everyday places I all-too-often carelessly trod are given to me by God for purpose, on purpose.

So are yours.

If you are at the end of your rope, let go. Somewhere in the freefall of “I can’t” you’ll learn that God can. — Louie Giglio, SEND 2015

On our discouraged, disoriented, and defeated days, I pray you and I will walk forward, not in discouragement, but undergirded by the power and calling of the Holy Spirit of God into the mundane.

Emboldened. Called. Commissioned.

Every ordinary day. Every mundane moment. On mission.

We have lots of options for how to fulfill our calling of life on mission. One option we do not have: to not do anything.— Kathy Ferguson Litton

Do you (like me) have a tendency to miss the boat of intentionality and purpose when it comes to your everyday moments?

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Published August 4, 2015