One son’s experience of being a pastor’s kid

I have been a pastor’s kid since I was two, so pretty much my entire living memory. My grandfather is also a pastor which makes me the second generation of pastor’s kids. I guess you could say I am pretty deep into it.

Being a pastor’s kid is definitely different from other kids’ experiences. Other kids’ parents go to work at corporate-type jobs where they may or may not even visit them at work. But, growing up as a PK, I have been able to experience a lot of what my dad does first hand. I have gone to work with him several times, and it’s not the typical desk job. He does outreach and prays with people, so I think it’s different than many of my friends’ parents.

I have had a good experience over all.

I like knowing my dad’s co-workers. There are several people he works with who I can hit up for anything. They know us well, and they take good care of us. They really feel more like family. There is even one guy on staff that I refer to as my uncle even though he’s not biologically my uncle. It’s nice to have all of these people who feel like family. Whenever my siblings and I play sports, there is always at least one person from staff as our emergency contact so, we are close.

The hardest part of being a pastor’s kid is that my dad travels a lot. I don’t think that is super typical for most pastor’s kids, but my dad travels a good bit throughout the year. The plus side is that sometimes we actually get to go with him. Last year he was able to go to Africa, and I got to go with him. In a few weeks, he will be going to Phoenix. He is taking my brother with him on that one.

When I was younger, I felt there were unfair presumptions about how I should act and behave. I am no different from any of the other kids besides my dad being a pastor. I just wanted to be treated like the other kids at church. Once, I even remember a lady disciplining me for running in church, saying I should know better since I was the pastor’s kid. But, my dad reminded her I wasn’t any different than the other kids. It was nice to have him stand up for me.

Overall, I really enjoy church. I really love being involved. My parents actually tell me to slow down sometimes. I am in the youth band, and I go on mission trips. I am really involved in youth, and I don’t feel like I have to do any of these things. I just love being involved. I love getting to know everyone. I feel like being a pastor’s kid has created some really good communities for me.

My advice for other pastor’s kids is to always be willing to help. I know it may feel like you are put on a pedestal sometimes, but don’t let that get to you. You should feel the freedom to be yourself and to mess up sometimes. You are a normal kid. Your dad just has a special job.

Honestly, if I got to choose what my dad’s job was, I would not change it.

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Published October 12, 2017