Public Safety Chaplain Ben Alpert: A Beacon of Hope and Help

In the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, God is using a Southern Baptist chaplain whose mission is to minister to those amid chaos and despair. Meet Ben Alpert, a devoted public service chaplain whose unwavering dedication to serving the community has become a beacon of hope for many.

Born and raised in a small southern town, Ben grew up interested in everything. His journey began with his family’s immigrant Jewish roots, which instilled in him a strong sense of compassion and a desire to make a difference.

Ben’s spiritual journey began in 1968 when he developed an intense interest in God’s Word. He delved deep into the teachings of various mentors. Ben says, “I studied with and listened to many good teachers responsible for me coming to know Christ.”

On August 30, 1970, he accepted Jesus as his Savior. This newfound spiritual connection ignited a fire within him, sparking a lifelong commitment to serving others.

Driven by his passion for assisting public servants and his community, Ben seized an opportunity in 2017 to serve as a chaplain in Montgomery. Since then, he has tirelessly dedicated himself to the community’s well-being, working with the city to provide unwavering support in times of crisis. In April 2020, Ben was endorsed as a Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) chaplain.

“Someone must be there for the hurting. We have the opportunity to have a ministry of presence because those experiencing trauma or tragedy shouldn’t go through it alone,” Ben explains.

As an SBC public service chaplain, Ben’s responsibilities are multifaceted and often complicated. When describing his ministry, he says, “I can summarize my ministry as helping.” He is a compassionate force that aids first responders in facing tragedies and crimes.

Every day brings unique challenges, necessitating an individualized approach to care for those who put their lives on the line. Ben understands the intricacies of these roles and offers spiritual guidance and a listening ear to the brave men and women who serve.

One of Ben’s most impactful ways of sharing the love of Christ is through his partnership with local churches. They provide him with nonperishable food and personal supplies, which he distributes to victims in need. This tangible act of kindness helps alleviate immediate concerns while allowing Ben to convey that the Lord is the ultimate provider of all things.

In April 2023, tragedy struck the nearby town of Dadeville when a senseless act of violence marred a birthday party, leaving several victims in its wake. The local pastor called Ben and he immediately responded. Ben ministered to parents, families and even some FBI agents at the hospital, offering solace and support.

With unwavering dedication, Ben continues to serve as a pillar of strength and hope for the Montgomery community. He has touched lives through outreach and his compassionate ability to navigate his role’s complexities. Ben’s commitment to serving those who serve others is a testament to his character and his desire to serve the Lord.

In a world often overshadowed by darkness, Ben’s unwavering faith and selfless devotion to the well-being of others serve as a reminder that compassion, hope and love can triumph over despair.

Published May 26, 2023