Neighborhood Portrait: Rouge Park

Kesavan Balasingham doesn’t have to get on an airplane to see the world. He just has to step outside his front door.

Freedom and Truth: Kesavan Balasingham

When Kesavan Balasingham planted a church in his Toronto neighborhood of Rouge Park, God brought an unexpected connection to his troubled past. That connection is now bearing fruit.

Rouge Park: Kesavan Balasingham says, “thank you”.

Toronto church planter Kesavan Balasingham has a message for people who have given to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.

Rouge Park: When Kesavan Balasingham prays…

Kesavan Balasingham has learned that when you want to plant a Southern Baptist church in Toronto, you should pray. Here’s what he asks God for.

Rouge Park: Who You Can Pray For

Gaian Raveendran recently told his old friend Kesavan, “I want to be like you.” Kesavan replied, “no, you want to be like Christ.” Here’s how you can pray for Toronto church planter Kesavan Balasingham and one man who’s been coming to his church.

Published September 4, 2018