Send Network Pathway

Send Network is a family of churches seeking to plant healthy, Multiplying Churches in every community across North America. We believe that healthy, Multiplying Churches discover, develop and deploy church planting teams from within, and we believe every Send Network church is a Multiplying Church in the making.

Our values drive how we steward our resources and focus as a network. Family, multiplication and restoration are more than words for us. We believe family is central to the health of the network, multiplication is the fruit of the network and restoration is what happens when God gets His way through the Church.

The pathways in this short book are intended to provide guidance along the way to multiplication. Whether you are a pastor who wants to lead your church to multiply or a future planter, the pathways help you know where you are and what may be next for you.

Whether you are an insider to the work of our network or just checking it out for the first time, we trust this tool will provide you with an overview of the great work God is doing through Send Network. By God’s grace, we will be a part of a church planting movement in our day. We labor in the hope that Send Network will play a role in that mighty work of God.