Setting Resolutions As a Family

My oldest child turned sixteen years old in December.


That’s 2 years away from eighteen, if you’re doing the math. By then, she’ll be packing her bags and moving away to attend college, meeting the man of her dreams, beginning a career, and making her mark on the world.

As I was watching her the other day this fact hit me like a ton of bricks. Two years – that’s all the time I have left to teach her wisdom, to build her faith, to guard her choices. If I’m honest, I’ll admit to feeling a bit of pressure to squeeze as much training and love into the next 24 months as possible.

So maybe that’s why I’m excited about the New Year’s resolution that my family made. Each month of 2015, our family will focus on a new virtue. Love, contentment, respect…12 different virtues in all. Our goal? To practically apply the principles by which God wants us to live. Sometimes (ok, most of the time) people find it much easier to talk the talk but not walk the walk. Well, not us. Not in 2015. We are going to find creative ways to live out our faith each day.

Up first: encouragement. We are writing notes to others, memorizing scriptures, and speaking positively to friends and strangers all month. One intentional act each day. I’m already pumped about the potential of this plan to disciple my family and bless those around us this year.

When my oldest leaves home in a couple of years, I’m sure she’ll make mistakes. We all do. But, before she leaves, I want to do all I can to lay a foundation of faith, love, and wisdom. While I am still on board for resolutions like eating healthier and saving more money, my zeal lies in my family, our legacy, and happiness along the way.

So, let me encourage YOU today. All across the world, you and women just like you are loving, leading, and serving in the local church and on the mission field. You are a partner to your husband. You are a teacher to your children. You diligently run your homes and manage careers. You faithfully study God’s Word and submit your desires to our Father. You wisely respond to conflict. You handle wounds with grace. You meet needs, and you love well.

You are a blessing, did you know it? You are. Remember that today. YOU are needed, loved and valued.

What about you? What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Happy 2015, friends!

Published January 23, 2015