Shahid & Maroofa Kamal: Sharing A Living God

Delta, British Columbia

Shahid Kamal’s God is a living God—One who answers prayer. Shahid and his wife, Maroofa, spend their lives introducing Him to the more than 300,000 South Asians who call the Greater Vancouver area home.

“Hindus have many visible gods, and Sikhs have many gurus,” said Shahid, who planted South Asian Community Church in Surrey, part of metro Vancouver. “In the midst of this complex situation, we are trying to help them to know, believe and receive Jesus Christ.”

And over and over again, the Kamals see that transformation happens through prayer.

“Our prayer ministry is one of the successful connecting points,” Shahid said. “Many came to our church for the very first time for prayer. They have specific prayer requests. And, praise God, God answered them and showed them that He’s a living God.”

Prayer Requests

  • For the church’s prayer ministry to continue to open doors for the gospel.
  • For South Asians in Surrey to be drawn toward Jesus.

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Published January 21, 2021